Welcome to the website of Grassroots Comics movement initiated by World Comics India. This website is dedicate to showcase only the comics drawn by common people on their own issues and life stories and also to provide you a platform to upload your own.











Grassroots comics are simply comics that tell a local story. They are a communication tool for all citizens that can transcend the barriers of language, literacy, media access and social classes or even castes. For these reasons, grassroots comics have been extremely successful in remote and low literacy areas as well as in primary and higher education widely in India and the Indian subcontinent, but the accommodating format of this visual medium has led to its spread worldwide.








World Comics has covered a number of issues in last many years like Human Rights, Health (Disability, Reproductive, Adolescents, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Leprosy, Infanticide, Foeticide, Mental Health,) Education, Adult Literacy, Corporal Punishment, Homeless, Violence Against Women, Girl Child Rights, Tolerance, Environment, Agriculture, PDS, Local Governance, Discrimination & Stereotypes, Dalit, Tribal, LGBTQ etc.





World Comics India is a registered international organization working to promote the use of Grassroots Comics as a medium of self expression and strengthen democratic processes. Started in nineties, WCI has conducted more than 1000 comics workshop in most remote and disturbed areas of the globe and trained over 50,000 common people. World Comics India has worked in the field of Health, Education, Homeless, Conflict, Gender, Girl Child Rights, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Corporal Punishment, Local Governance, Stereotyping, Discrimination etc.